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Founded in February of 2011,Cebuana singles tour  is an Independent Service engaged in helping singles from all walks of life find their soulmates . 

Cebuana Singles recognizes that in this day and age it is not only difficult to meet people, but it is even more difficult to meet the “right” person to establish a long-lasting, loving relationship. Most Philippine women nowadays pack their bags after a days work rushing to internet cafe’s hoping to chat and meet someone of different culture to talk with, some showing themselves on “webcams”. Most, if not all, end up in false introductions and broken promises of coming and meeting in person. Some are lucky to find someone this way, but we cannot survive on luck alone.

Most busy individuals do not have the time to go out and find someone, nor do they have the time to waste with the wrong person. Most individuals browse dating sites to meet the “right” person, hoping to meet someone who will provide them the chance to travel and experience new adventures. Here we are, Cebuana Singles, with our links of different websites hoping to meet worldwide social network of good people.

We called ourselves Cebuana Singles because our services are almost all online.  People who are seeking partners, from our thousands of website partners find it genuine and true to join the websites that we hosted.  From validating identification of women membership, use of computers, assistance on letter transcription, background check of men writing them, hosting country visits , all these services we cater for the women members.  We have a Team of dedicated individuals providing unparalleled integrity based service, day in and day out.

Bridging the world, touching lives!

Experience our social network of people who desire to write, date and meet genuine, sincere and faithful foreign men and women all over the world. Join our growing family of successful couples who met online and now our living life happily ever after.

This and many more regulations are implemented to ensure our women profiles that they are in good hands.